M.S.I is a Toronto based company since 2000... having the exclusive distribution in Canada for a most unique epoxy, Wet-Bond w/TekFlextm.

  • Wet-Bond, the next generation of specially formulated epoxy.
  • Wet-Bond, a no-sag gel, can be applied dry, damp, or underwater.
  • Wet-Bond will bond and and cure underwater! Many adhesives are water resistant not waterproof, cannot be applied or maintain bond in wet environments.
  • Wet-Bond, a non brittle, flexible universal epoxy.
  • Wet-Bond stretches 108%, allowing for shock and vibration, can repair inflatables, the glue is flexible enough to be rolled up during storage.
  • Wet-Bond does gap filling ie: ¬†bonding small pipe into a larger fitting.
  • Wet-Bond bonds similar or dis-similar materials.

Bonds same or dissimilar materials!

Bonds ABS, Aluminum, Brass, Brick, Cardboard, Cement, Ceramic, CPVC, Cinder Block, Cloth, Concrete, Copper, EPDM, Fiberglass, Galvanized, Glass, Hypalon, Kaf-Flex Hose, Iron, Leather, Masonry, Neoprene, Nitrile Rubber, Paper, Perspex and more...

Wet-Bond is available at:

Home Hardware, Noble, Wolseley Plumbing & Mechanical, Andrew Sheret, Bardon Supply, Ben Huot, Boone, CDS Industrial, Canadian Bearings, Carrier Enterprise Canada, Deschenes & Fils, Eastern Refrigeration, Eecol Electric, Emco and many more...